SatoshiQuest Information:

What is SatoshiQuest

SatoshiQuest is a Bitcoin Minecraft Treasure hunt where players search the vast minecraft landscapes in search of 1 treasure.

You can connect any Java Minecraft 1.16.1 to to join!
Check out the Discord: Lots of live info auto posted from ingame to discord.

Spawn is locked until release date/time. players are still allowed to login and use their wallet and buy lives while waiting for release.

Fair Release Time: Jan 26, 7PM EST.

Players use bitcoin to get lives. Each Player is given an address upon first login, that is the players deposit address, once a player has Bitcoin ingame and confirmed on chain, it can be used to get lives.

You can not leave spawn without lives.

Most of the bitcoin that is used to get lives will be sent to the Treasure address with 10% going to Dev fee. Bitcoin price ingame is checked every 15 minutes, and lives prices are based of that 15 minute check price converted from $1/Life.

When someone starts getting near the loot (within 25% of the max blocks the loot could spawn) it will start announcing that players location every chunk so other players can rush over to try to claim first or also so players dont camp on the loot spot.

When someone wins if there is enough treasure to pay the fee it will send to that players ingame wallet(if no external address is set), ~50% of treasure($200 max) goes to the winner, the rest is sent back to treasure wallet for next round and used for winner fees.

On Every round won if the loot transfers then every player loses 1 life, if the loot doesnt transfer due to fees/other then no one loses a life.

Satoshiquest is 100% open source: GitHub


/wallet Displays your SatoshiQuest wallet info.

/wallet set address will set your own win address to an address of your chosing instead of the ingame wallet.

/tip playername amount Tip is used for player to player transactions.

/withdraw address amount withdraw is used for External transactions to an address.

/setfee 1.2 - 15 used to set your network fee between 1.2 - 15 sats/byte.

/lives help Get lives prices and buy or transfer lives to other players.

/lives 3 will display how much BTC 3 lives are.

/lives 2 send playername will send 2 of your lives to that player.

/lives 2 buy will get you 2 lives using your ingame bitcoin wallet.

/leaderboard will show all past winners/rounds/amounts won, values.

*All in game transaction are 100% on chain and will require a fee for each TX.

Recent fee estimates

What to look for

Wallet Command

Get Lives

External Address Sent